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Welcome to

Your Ultimate Centre for Free Conversion Calculations

We invite you to use our interactive tools to convert an incredible amount of units of measurement from all corners of the globe.

You can quickly and easily convert the most popular units of currency, weight, speed, length, volume, area and many others – for Free!

It’s all here – you can convert to and from commonly used measurement systems like metric, imperial and US, as well as the more historical like the Ancient Greek and Roman systems, at any time you need.

Currency Converter: Perform your interactive conversions of up-to-date foreign exchange rates for around 180 currencies. These include the world's most popular currencies like Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Yen, Pesos and Francs, as well as more obscure currencies such as Leus, Kips, Tolars, Hryvnias and Dongs! more

Weight Measures:convert pounds, kilograms, grains, grams, ounces, stone, tons, slugs, and many more

Speed Measures: convert miles/hr, meters/sec, kilometers/hr, feet/min, knots, leagues/day, Mach and many more

Length Measures: convert millimeters, inches, miles, feet, yards, kilometers, microns, furlongs, Angstroms, and many more

Volume Measures: convert gallon, liter, fluid ounce, quart, pint, bushel, peck, hogshead and many more

Area Measures: convert square miles, acres, square inch, hectares, township, rood, and many more

Cooking Measures: convert drop, dash, pinch, cup, teaspoon, fluid ounce, tablespoon, peck, gill and many more

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DISCLAIMER: Although we make every effort to ensure that our data is accurate please do not rely on these calculations and seek additional advice. With respect to currency conversions, please remember these rates are only indicative and relate to professional market prices. Depending on the volume transacted and whether you are buying or selling, the rate you achieve could be substantially different to the calculations above. They are updated daily but does not guarantee the accuracy of the rate or calculations.

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